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Manufacturer of dry erase boards, ergonomic chairs, ergonomic desks, ergonomic workstations audio-visual stands, computer accessories, furniture.

Balt, Best-Rite, MooreCo, Trinity, and Brite-Kids furniture, markerboards, educational, and office products.

  • Interactive Projector Whiteboard with Brio Trim

    Interactive Projector Whiteboard with Brio Trim

    Specially engineered to meet the strict flatness requirements of interactive projectors, this board delivers superior interactive performance.

    Available in multiple sizes and surfaces to fit your project, the Interactive Projector Whiteboard with Brio Trim is the perfect choice for your interactive environment.

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  • Shapes

    Modular Teacher's Desk

    Design a workspace to fit your style. The height-adjustable sit-stand Modular Teacher's Desk allows you to configure tables and storage around your needs.

    Available in multiple surfaces to better match your existing space, the Modular Teacher's Desk is the all-in-one solutions for the modern instructor.

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    Watch the Modular Teacher's Desk video on YouTube.

  • Interactive Charging

    iTeach High Capacity Tablet Sync & Charge Cart

    Easily synchronize, charge, and transport up to 48 tablet devices with the iTeach High Capacity Tablet Sync & Charge Cart.

    Combining modern aesthetics with tried and true functionality, this versatile design holds up to 16, 32, or 48 iPads, Android, or other tablet devices in one secure and portable security cart.

    Learn more about the iTeach High Capacity Tablet Sync & Charge Cart.

  • Up-Rite Student Desk

    Up-Rite Sit-Stand Student Desk

    Boost classroom interaction with the Up-Rite Student Desk. Easily adjustable from sitting to standing height, this desk allows for ultimate flexibility in keeping your students engaged.

    Students can stand up for a more engaging classroom experience or sit to fully concentrate on the task at hand. Available in multiple surfaces to match your space, the Up-Rite Student Desk is the ideal sit-stand desk for the modern classroom.

    Learn more about the Up-Rite Student Desk.

  • OneBoard Interactive Whiteboard

    OneBoard Interactive Board

    The OneBoard is a leader in innovative electronic whiteboards. Featuring a high-resolution infrared touch detection system, open architecture, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the OneBoard really is the "one board" you'll ever need.

    Now including Quad-User technology that allows up to four users to interact simultaneously with the board's touch surface.

    Learn more about the OneBoard Interactive Whiteboard.

  • YouTube

    MooreCo YouTube Channel

    All of our current product videos are available on the official MooreCo YouTube channel. Both HD versions and standard definition versions are available.

    More videos are being added often, so check our news page or subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

  • Elevation TV

    Visionary Move

    The Visionary Move Mobile Glassboard is a clean-lined modern addition to your office or meeting space. Available in either a black or white surface. Black surface features vibrant neon markers to ensure your notes don't just "blend in".

    Assembles at two different heights to fit your space - great as either a message board or mobile dry erase easel. The superior glass surface ensures smooth writing with no ghosting.

    Learn more about the Black Visionary Move.