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Product Quantity

As a leader in the design and manufacture of quality school and office products and furniture, MooreCo Inc. is widely known as the company whose customer care commitment values have set us apart from others in our industry. MooreCo Inc. also understands that we have a responsibility not only to our customers, but to the environment, which ensures that our behavior and actions continue to have a positive impact. Watch our Environmental Certifications video on YouTube.

GREEN Commitment

MooreCo Inc. has taken the initiative by researching and combining current innovations in environmental technology and applying them to our everyday business activities. The mission is to transform business by helping to catalyze the development of products, packaging, and business models that are at once sustainable, innovative, profitable, and able to compete in the global marketplace.

GREEN Environment

MooreCo Inc. believes a "GREEN" environment is an environment that eliminates health hazards and minimizes the impact on our natural resources. MooreCo Inc. also believes in an environment that is innovative, healthy and practical, enhancing our everyday lives.

GREEN Manufacturing

Focusing on resource efficiencies can reduce costs and often shorten production time. Because designing green products sometimes requires bringing diverse functional groups to the design table, green product design efforts can also drive product and process innovation. Collaboration with companies such as McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) help us to search out environmentally safe materials, earth friendly intelligent design, use of renewable energy, water and energy efficiency and company social responsibility efforts.

GREEN Recycling

By adapting our product packaging, MooreCo Inc. has been able to develop processes to reduce waste and beneficially impact our environment. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle theories are consistently used to achieve continuous improvements in manufacturing. Our efforts don't stop when product leaves our hands. We work to toward options for end of life product recycling/reutilization, which is an important part of MooreCo Inc.'s commitment to sustainable business practices.