This page features PDF versions of our product catalogs, flyers, and other literature. Please note that some of these files are very large and may take a number of minutes to download depending on your internet connection speed.


  • Download Active Learning Solutions Catalog

    Active Learning Solutions Catalog

  • Download Soft Seating Catalog

    Soft Seating Catalog

  • Download Glass Boards Catalog

    Glass Boards Catalog

  • Download Full Line Catalog

    Full Line Catalog

Flyers & Brochures

  • Download Student Chair & Table Size Chart

    Student Chair & Table Size Chart

  • Download Classroom X Brochure

    Classroom X Brochure

  • Download Rechargeable Power Tower FAQ

    Rechargeable Power Tower FAQ

  • Download Creator Table Flyer

    Creator Table Flyer

  • Download Charging Products Flyer

    Charging Products Flyer

  • Download Whiteboard Flipper Table Flyer

    Whiteboard Flipper Table Flyer

  • Download Music Line Boards Flyer

    Music Line Boards Flyer

  • Download Hierarchy Edgeband Flyer

    Hierarchy Edgeband Flyer

  • Download Custom Graphic Glass Boards Flyer

    Custom Graphic Glass Boards Flyer

  • Download Divvy D.O.C. Flyer

    Divvy D.O.C. Flyer

  • Download Blossom Soft Seating Flyer

    Blossom Soft Seating Flyer

  • Download Hierarchy Mighty 8 Brochure

    Hierarchy Mighty 8 Brochure

  • Download Soft Seating Tablet Arm Flyer

    Soft Seating Tablet Arm Flyer

  • Download Makerspace Series Brochure

    Makerspace Series Brochure

  • Download Interactive Projector Board Flyer

    Interactive Projector Board Flyer

  • Download Circulation Custom Colors Flyer

    Circulation Custom Colors Flyer

  • Download Soft Seating Typicals

    Soft Seating Typicals

Case Studies

  • Download Case Study: Orangewood Elementary

    Case Study: Orangewood Elementary

Swatch Cards

  • Download Standard Edgeband Collection

    Standard Edgeband Collection

  • Download Hierarchy Edgeband Collection

    Hierarchy Edgeband Collection

  • Download Standard Vinyl Collection

    Standard Vinyl Collection

  • Download Standard Fabric Collection

    Standard Fabric Collection

  • Download Splash-Cork Collection

    Splash-Cork Collection

  • Download Soft Seating Tabletop Collection

    Soft Seating Tabletop Collection

  • Download Rubber Collection

    Rubber Collection

  • Download Porcelain Steel Collection

    Porcelain Steel Collection

  • Download Pebbles Vinyl Collection

    Pebbles Vinyl Collection

  • Download HPL QuickShip Collection

    HPL QuickShip Collection

  • Download Hook & Loop Collection

    Hook & Loop Collection

  • Download Hierarchy Furniture Collection

    Hierarchy Furniture Collection

  • Download Glass Board Collection

    Glass Board Collection

  • Download Colored Cork Collection

    Colored Cork Collection

Reference & Instructional

  • Download Chevron & Quad Soft Seating Configurations

    Chevron & Quad Soft Seating Configurations

  • Download Cloud 9 Soft Seating Configurations

    Cloud 9 Soft Seating Configurations

  • Download Creator Soft Seating Configurations

    Creator Soft Seating Configurations

  • Download Harmony Soft Seating Configurations

    Harmony Soft Seating Configurations

  • Download Shapes Soft Seating Configurations

    Shapes Soft Seating Configurations

  • Download Hierarchy Shell & Base Options Quick Reference

    Hierarchy Shell & Base Options Quick Reference

  • Download Snap Desk Configurations

    Snap Desk Configurations

  • Download Shapes Desk Configurations

    Shapes Desk Configurations

  • Download Harmony Desk Configurations

    Harmony Desk Configurations

  • Download Creator Table Configurations

    Creator Table Configurations

  • Download Cloud 9 Desk Configurations

    Cloud 9 Desk Configurations

  • Download Chevron & Quad Desk Configurations

    Chevron & Quad Desk Configurations

  • Download Whiteboard Cleaning Instructions

    Whiteboard Cleaning Instructions

  • Download Whiteboard Surface Comparison

    Whiteboard Surface Comparison

  • Download Porcelain Steel Comparison

    Porcelain Steel Comparison