Our learning environments are meant to provide emotional and physical safety, just like our home. Home is where the family is, and at MooreCo we’re all about the family!


At MooreCo, we have been designing and manufacturing classroom and office furnishings since 1950. Our products continue to evolve with time as our design philosophy follows human behavior and the interaction with one another regardless of age. Our goal is to provide furnishings which result in comfortable and stimulating environments where children and adults alike feel inspired.

We call Central Texas home and it is here where it all began! In 1985, a witty and passionate woman, Lorraine Moore, designs a unique product and a dream to make it big. Balt is founded and the emerging printer market positions Mrs. Moore’s product as the nation's leader in design and production of printer stands for major printer manufacturers. The creative wheels had just begun spinning and soon Balt expands its offering to computer, office, and school furniture.

In 1991 Balt purchased Best-Rite Chalkboard, which originated in the 1950s as a division of American Desk in Temple, Texas. Best-Rite was patterned after Balt's company philosophy and expanded to nationwide distribution, broadening its product line to include an array of visual communication products for existing and new markets.

In 1995 Greg Moore joins his mother in the executive leadership of Balt / Best-Rite, positioning the companies as leaders in the design and manufacturing of furniture solutions for every learning environment. Under the core values of Having Fun, Innovation, Extreme Customer Care and Making it Personal the companies dominate the office products and educational markets.

The year 2007 saw the retirement of Mrs. Moore and venturing MooreCo to the private equity world under the direction of her son, Greg Moore as CEO. By now the MooreCo family had grown to over 150 members and 500,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities.

In October 2016, MooreCo Inc. acquires the brand and distribution rights of Vanerum Belgium, thus launching Vanerum North America in USA. The European designer brand places MooreCo in the design and architectural market by offering 100% design and customization capabilities.

In 2017 MooreCo Inc / Vanerum North America once again return to the Moore family. CEO Greg Moore partners with Prudential Capital Group, the private placement financial giant, and take ownership from the private equity group.