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Designer Story: MooreCo | Vanerum North America Rebranding

Autumn is a season of change, and in September of 2017, we—the marketing and branding creative team here at MooreCo—found ourselves challenged with a rebranding opportunity. MooreCo was in the process of adding a brand new division, Vanerum North America, and we needed to find a way to incorporate the branding of Vanerum with MooreCo in a way that made sense, philosophically and visually.

The original branding ideologies for each company were not a natural fit, so we asked if we could throw together some ideas and designs for a MooreCo rebrand in the process. It seemed like perfect timing; the old logo had been in use for over a decade, and it didn’t seem to really represent where we were as a company in 2017. We were excited to move MooreCo forward with a cleaner, more refined logo, and a simpler color story. And getting to start both brands from scratch meant we would be able to grow them together and play them off one another to create something flexible but cohesive, and something that we could build off of in the future. So naturally we turned to our logo guru Rex to get us started. Possessed of a design aesthetic with a decidedly modern bent, he was eager to start sketching out designs.

What he came up with was a pretty radical change for MooreCo, for design and for color. But at the same time, it really felt right. It was a new look, but true to our brand.

“The new logo was established out of a desire for streamlined simplification,“ said Rex. “The stylized ‘M’ mark forms the legs of an implied table. Hovering above the ‘M’ is a hollow diamond shape which represents our boards. On top of that, it also becomes the tabletop for the ‘M’ leg shapes so we have basically our entire product line represented with such a simple and clean shape that scales beautifully. Surrounding and encasing all of these shapes is a hexagon shape, which not only is a nod to our past logo, but the solid form represents our new line of soft seating.”

The new color was quite a departure as well. MooreCo, which started as the brands Balt and Best-Rite back in the 1980s, had always embraced traditional choices: red and blue. And while those classic colors will always be prevalent in logo and branding, they didn't jibe with the sense we were getting from our CEO Greg Moore, and our Director of Marketing Polly Moore, that they saw MooreCo as a company that was evolving and growing, and they wanted to embrace and reflect a more modern aesthetic. 

“Our core mission remains unchanged,” explained Polly. “We still value our past, and all it represents, because that gave us our strong foundation. We still want to work hard for our customers, give them what they need. And at the same time we want to have fun, and show them we can create a product that not only functions as they want, but looks amazing in their spaces. As far as design and branding, we definitely wanted something a little more modern, a little cooler, that would really communicate our new vision.”

So when our designer Kara suggested yellow, it immediately resonated with our entire team. Yellow is a primary color, meaning you get the the same time-honored trustworthiness as you do with red and blue, but yet it feels new and fresh. It can stand on its own, but also works exceptionally well with others without losing any of its impact.

With MooreCo branding feeling well on the way to being a fully realized concept, we turned to Vanerum North America.

VNA is our newest brand division, and features a line of fully customizable educational and office furnishings. Because the two brands offer similar yet still discrete product lines, and are now siblings, it made sense to build the VNA logo from the same framework as MooreCo.

We decided on a shade of eggplant that would nicely complement the MooreCo yellow, allowing each brand to stand on its own without competing. Rex modified the “M” and the hollow diamond to form the letters “VNA.” As soon as we saw the two logos in conjunction, we felt we had hit exactly the note we were going for. They were unique, but felt familiar. They were easy to read and understand, worked well together, and just as importantly worked well independently.

In the months since we’ve launched the new branding, we’ve only grown to appreciate it more for the versatility it affords us in design, from web to print, to signage and collateral. If anything, it feels even more exciting to work with it now, because we’ve been able to use it successfully in so many different ways. And the positive feedback we’ve gotten, both internally and externally, has confirmed to us that our new branding really does reflect the direction we are heading.

Bec's Picks: Spring/Summer 2018

With over 3000 fabric choices, narrowing down what fabrics to use for your soft seating environment can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re happy to introduce “Bec’s Picks”, a selection of fabric palettes personally curated by one of our senior creative designers here at MooreCo. The fabric combinations are chosen from our partner Momentum Textiles. Practical as well as stylish, the fabric palettes reflect classic and time-honored options as well as current color and design trends. Mix and match within each palette to create something that shows off your spaces with just the look you want. Or contact us and we can create a custom palette for you, based on your needs, tastes, and budget! Just ask your sales representative for more information.


The 2018 Pantone color of the year, Ultraviolet is certainly no shrinking flower, yet remains wonderfully versatile and plays very well with others. It can be deep and mysterious or fresh and cool depending on its surroundings.

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Clean and crisp, off whites and soft pear greens instantly soothe yet are sophisticated and stylish. White and light seating fabrics are no longer dangerous with options such as water-proof fabrics, or the ability to upgrade your seating with a moisture barrier.

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Bright and eye-catching with just enough tartness to offset the sweetness, tangerine is a versatile shade that works with any neutral, from gray to navy. I've paired it here with lovely rich taupey hues that set off the brightness to lovely advantage.

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Nothing says spring and summer like yellow, and this year it is a major player in trending colors. Matched with a neutral-warm gray, a rich marigold will shine, welcoming you into a field of warmth.

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Scarlet is a bold classic that will never go out of style. And paired with black and white it will create a room with all of the sophistication and drama you could ever want.

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