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Our OneBoard product is now discontinued. We still have user manuals and drivers available for download via the links below. Due to changes in operating systems since the OneBoard software was first created, MooreCo cannot guarantee ongoing compatibility with the latest versions of Windows.

Drivers / Software
User Manuals
  • My OneBoard Will Not Calibrate
    Uninstall and reinstall your OneBoard software using administrative rights and/or compatibility mode depending on your version of Windows. Ensure that each USB plug is correctly seated.

  • My Image Looks Squished/Cut Off/Odd
    Any issues relating to a projected image should be referred to the projector manufacturer. MooreCo does not manufacture or offer support for projectors.

  • How do I use OneBoard with my Mac?
    The OneBoard software is not compatible Mac OS. You may attempt to use a virtualization client to run Windows on top of Mac OS, but we cannot offer support for this configuration.