The Baby Folding Wheasel® (with tubs) is bundled with the Dot 5-Pack for your learn from home convenience!

Ideal package for interactive learning.

The Baby Folding Wheasel is a mobile classroom on wheels, the ideal teaching and learning station for any intimate learning space. Dual dry erase markerboard surfaces measure 43″H x 29.8″W with an accessory tray on each side. Wire book rack included to hold books upright.

Frame is white powder-coated steel with 2″ locking casters. Includes a sturdy wire rack with four recyclable plastic storage tubs.

The Dot 5-Pack Soft Seating is a modern, versatile, and fun addition to your learning space in an easy to carry, easy to store package.

Each set includes five identical Dots in your choice of six fun fabrics.

Each Dot comes with a non-skid rocking base in black. Rocking base provides side-to-side or front-to-back motion suitable for constant micro-movement, critical for many students to give full concentration.

Can be used as a stool or kneeling platform for students.

Dot 5-Pack ships separately, FOB Tennessee. Package must be purchased together to get the special pricing below.

Individual Products Included:

Baby Folding Wheasel®

Dot 5-Pack


Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions Weight Price
784T Baby Folding Wheasel (with tubs) 57"H X 30.5"W X 34"D 57 $416.91
87845 Dot 5-Pack (Charcoal) 5"H X 14"W X 14"D 19 $560.00
87846 Dot 5-Pack (Peacock) 5"H X 14"W X 14"D 19 $560.00
87848 Dot 5-Pack (Pollen) 5"H X 14"W X 14"D 19 $560.00
87849 Dot 5-Pack (Salsa) 5"H X 14"W X 14"D 19 $560.00
87850 Dot 5-Pack (Zest) 5"H X 14"W X 14"D 19 $560.00
87847 Dot 5-Pack (Pewter) 5"H X 14"W X 14"D 19 $560.00