Empowering students to think, create, and do!

Our extensive line of modular cabinets leads to fun and discovery.

Offering virtually endless configuration options, Compass cabinets are designed to bring your classroom maximum activity flexibility, with a wide range of storage options, tops, and accessories.

The Compass cabinet line is available in three widths (Mini, Midi, and Maxi) and three heights (H1, H2, and H3), providing multiple configurations for storage of supplies, tools, and materials. Side panels and optional handles match our Hierarchy family of colors.

Choose from interior configurations of shelves, cubbies, or tub drawers. Mix and match to provide optimum storage flexibility.

Add doors, or choose open storage.

Optional add-ons include peg board side panels, Ogee whiteboard top, TV mounts, butcher block table tops, handles, table tops, coat hooks, power options, and more.

See our coordinating line of Compass Makerspace Tables, designed to create spaces that allow students to explore creatively.

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