Divide, organize, customize, and now modernize! With ultra stylish multi-panel Divvy DOC room dividers, you can add instant color and texture (and functional whiteboard) to any space, in a truly unique ready-to-roll room divider!

Mobile double-sided dividers include a variety of attractive and colorful surfaces to add style and function to any environment, while also offering privacy, acoustic shielding, and easy configuration. Available in two quick ship configurations. Available in 6’H x 6’W for maximum configuration flexibility.

Panels are trimmed in specially designed anodized aluminum. Leg design minimizes gapping, and connectors are available to join panels at 90º or 180º angles. Locking casters keep the Divvy in place.

Your options for a custom Divvy DOC are virtually limitless: fabric to coordinate with your soft seating or other color scheme, laminate, whiteboard, or tack surfaces. Contact your sales rep and get our design team to help create an amazing divider just for you!

Download our helpful Divvy DOC design and materials guide to get started.


Available Options

SKU Description Panel Dimensions Overall Dimensions Weight Price
661DG-L2 Standard 58"H X 70.3"W 73"H X 76"W X 20"D 160 $1,404.87
661DG-L3 Balanced 58"H X 70.3"W 73"H X 76"W X 20"D 160 $1,378.91
661DG-CUSTOM Custom 58"H X 70.3"W 73"H X 76"W X 20"D 160 Contact for Quote