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Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel

Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel

  • Keep up with the changing classroom with the Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel, designed to create flexible and functional learning environments.
  • Ideal for small group team learning and instruction, this mobile classroom on wheels includes two permanent (39.5"H x 42.5"W) and four removable (17"H x 13"W) whiteboard panels with the option to add more as your needs change.
  • Easel allows up to ten panels to be displayed at once, and provides storage for an additional 16.
  • Removable melamine panels are double-sided whiteboard, light weight, and the ideal size for individual use in small group settings.
  • Double-sided steel hooks make it easy to add, rearrange, and remove panels as needed to facilitate teacher and student demonstration and presentation.
  • The flexible two-level panel positioning allows teaching and presentation either at sitting or standing height. Move panels around to foster group interaction and brainstorming.
  • Keep your teaching and presentation materials and board accessories convenient and easy to access with the six colorful plastic tubs included.
  • Easel easily spins 360° on durable locking casters. Frame is high quality powder-coated steel. Full length aluminum accessory tray with protective plastic end caps included on both sides.

27701 , 27709 ,

Add to Quote Part No. Description Dimensions Ship Wt. MSRP
27701 Mobile Lap Board Teacher Easel 62.5"H x 42.5"W x 25"D 66 lbs $571.20
27709 Optional Extra Panel Set (4) 17"H x 13"W 4 lbs $42.84

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