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Visionary Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard

Visionary Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard

  • Modernize your space with a functional and contemporary image. Visionary magnetic glass boards provide the best of a quality whiteboard with smart style. Borderless and seamless, in glossy white.
  • Tempered safety glass ideal for use in any environment.
  • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase marker, grease pen, etc. Easily cleans without ghosting or staining. Accepts rare earth magnets.
  • Simple and sturdy mounting devices are padded to protect surface.
  • Includes aluminum accessory tray, set of magnets, and markers. Optional glass accessory tray available separately.
  • Fifty year limited warranty. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.

83842 , 83843 , 83844 , 83841 , 83845 , 83846 , 572 ,

Add to Quote Part No. Description Dimensions Ship Wt. MSRP
83842 Visionary Board - Gloss White 17.72"H x 23.62"W 10 lbs $95.88
83843 Visionary Board - Gloss White 23.62"H x 35.43"W 19 lbs $131.58
83844 Visionary Board - Gloss White 35.43"H x 47.24"W 42 lbs $269.28
83841 Visionary Board - Gloss White 47.24"H x 47.24"W 46 lbs CALL
83845 Visionary Board - Gloss White 47.24"H x 70.87"W 79 lbs $559.98
83846 Visionary Board - Gloss White 47.24"H x 94.49"W 104 lbs $712.98
572 Optional Glass Accessory Tray 1"H x 12"W x 4"D 2 lbs $43.07

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