Adjust your classroom expectations!


With a sleek design, new Hierarchy Grow & Roll tables and desks easily height adjust with the touch of the finger to accommodate users of all sizes and ages.

Available in fun and functional new table top designs. Choose from bean, beluga, fender by MooreCo, and rectangle. Tables seat two students comfortably, while desks fit one.

All versions are height adjustable from 26.5″ to 42.3″ with one handle adjustment, making it easy on the student to adjust the height to their own comfort level.

Powder-coated steel base in platinum features four casters (two locking). Table bases feature dual pneumatic lift columns, while desks feature single pneumatic lift column.

Suggested Accessories:

Clamp Mount Outlet & USB Charger

Ganging Device

Pack Hook


Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions Weight Price
59041-A-XXXX-XX Hierarchy Grow & Roll Table – 6030 Rectangle 26.5" – 42.3"H X 60"W X 30"D 94 Contact for Quote
59041-B-XXXX-XX Hierarchy Grow & Roll Table – 5932 Wavy Rectangle 26.5" – 42.3"H X 59"W X 32"D 94 Contact for Quote
59041-C-XXXX-XX Hierarchy Grow & Roll Table – 6624 Bean 26.5" – 42.3"H X 66"W X 24"D 94 Contact for Quote
59040-A-XXXX-XX Hierarchy Grow & Roll Desk – 3624 Fender by MooreCo 26.5" – 42.3"H X 36"W X 24"D 54 Contact for Quote
59040-B-XXXX-XX Hierarchy Grow & Roll Desk – 3524 Beluga 26.5" – 42.3"H X 35"W X 24"D 54 $661.80
59040-C-XXXX-XX Hierarchy Grow & Roll Desk – 3624 Rectangle 26.5" – 42.3"H X 36"W X 24"D 54 $660.88
59040-D-XXXX-XX Hierarchy Grow & Roll Desk – 3624 Bean 26.5" – 42.3"H X 36"W X 24"D 54 $661.80