Position a student for learning with the Hierarchy Rocker Chair.

With ergonomics in mind, the Hierarchy is a colorful and flexible solution for stimulating focus and motivation in your learning environment. Patent pending.

Multiple sizes, bases, and vibrant colors for all ages of learners.

Flexible and ergonomically shaped seat with lumbar support for easy position changes, eliminating stagnant environments.

Smooth reinforced back allows for flex action without sharp ridges.

Shell available with or without arms.

Upholstered seat version available with your choice of graded-in fabrics.

Rocker base allows gentle and moderate movement to encourage calmness and cognitive processing.

Rocker available in three seat heights without arms: 14″, 16″, and 18″, and in two seat heights with arms: 16″ and 18″.

Heavy gauge platinum steel base includes durable glides for quiet use and to protect floors.


Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions Weight Price
54715-1-XXXX-NA-PL No Arms – 14 in Platinum Base 25.3"H X 19.1"W X 19.1"D 14 $190.00
54716-1-XXXX-NA-PL No Arms – 16 in Platinum Base 30.5"H X 22.8"W X 23.6"D 15 $211.00
54717-1-XXXX-NA-PL No Arms – 18 in Platinum Base 32.5"H X 22.8"W X 23.6"D 16 $213.00
54716-1-XXXX-WA-PL With Arms – 16 in Platinum Base 31.3"H X 26.4"W X 23.6"D 17 $226.00
54717-1-XXXX-WA-PL With Arms – 18 in Platinum Base 33.3"H X 26.4"W X 23.6"D 18 $229.00