Get started with collaboration technology

The i3TOUCH V-Series is the perfect touchscreen if you want to get started with interactive work sessions, without hurting your budget or challenging your technology skills.

Top Features

V-Sense: The touchscreen gives perfect results when working in strong light, thanks to the V-Sense touch technology.

Simple Notetaking: Take quick notes in the i3NOTES whiteboarding app.

Browse: Bring your content to life with the integrated browser.

Touch: Up to 20 touch points.

The i3TOUCH V-Series is a 4K display is offered in 65″, 75″ and 86″


Standard warranty: 3 years.

For schools: 5 years free warranty after registration. Extendable to 7 years.

For corporate: Extendable to 5 or 7 years.


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Available Options

SKU Description Diagonal Size Price
VSV0005803 V-Series Interactive display 65" 4K 20-touch with Wall Mount 65" Contact for Quote
VSV0005804 V-Series Interactive display 75" 4K 20-touch with Wall Mount 75" Contact for Quote
VSV0005805 V-Series Interactive display 86" 4K 20-touch with Wall Mount 86" Contact for Quote