Engage your audience anywhere with the iTeach 2 Electric IWB Cart, a streamlined version of the original.

Gives virtually any whiteboard instant mobility and height adjustability. Holds boards up to 54″H x 96″W x 5″D up to 200 lbs. Optional bracket holds boards up to 9 inches.

System allows for 20″ of smooth height adjustment (from 12″ at the bottom to 84″ at the top) with a touch of a button on the wired remote.

Sold as a package with either a short throw, super short throw, or ultra short throw projector arm. Arm holds a projector up to 25 lbs. See diagram for arm specifications.

Adjustable sidewing arm and shelf option (89.3″ to 130.4″ wide) keeps a laptop within arm’s reach. Included shelf measures 17.8″W x 12.6″D. Second shelf available separately for additional equipment.

Optional locking cabinet available for secure storage. Features ventilation holes and a removable shelf. Measures 26.9″H x 17.9″W x 15.1″D.

Optional power strip surge protector with seven outlets available.

Patent pending.

For interactive projectors with strict flatness requirements, we recommend the Interactive Projector Board, providing guaranteed results for projectability, erasability, and durability.

Discontinued products in this line are highlighted in pink below. Available while supplies last. Call for ordering information.

Suggested Accessories:

IWB Cart Accessories

Power Strips with Surge Protection


Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions Weight Price
27634 iTeach 2 + Short Throw Arm 75" – 100"H X 58"W X 30.3"D 215 $2,659.66
27635 iTeach 2 + Super Short Throw Arm 75" – 100"H X 58"W X 30.3"D 211 $2,629.79
27636 iTeach 2 + Ultra Short Throw Arm 75" – 100"H X 58"W X 30.3"D 210 $2,590.90