Modernize your space with a functional and contemporary image. Visionary magnetic glass boards provide the best of a quality whiteboard with smart style. Borderless and seamless, the board is available in three modern colors to match your environment: light blue, lime green, or deep red.

Tempered safety glass ideal for use in any environment.

Compatible with any dry/wet-erase marker, grease pen, etc. Easily cleans without ghosting or staining. Accepts rare earth magnets.

Simple and sturdy mounting devices are padded to protect surface.

Includes aluminum accessory tray, set of magnets, and markers. Optional glass accessory tray available separately.

Fifty year limited warranty. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.


Available Options

SKU Description Weight Dimensions Price
83844-BLUE Light Blue 42 35.43"H X 47.24"W $290.00
83844-GREEN Lime Green 42 35.43"H X 47.24"W $290.00
83844-RED Deep Red 42 35.43"H X 47.24"W $290.00
83845-BLUE Light Blue 79 47.24"H X 70.87"W $605.00
83845-GREEN Lime Green 79 47.24"H X 70.87"W $605.00
83845-RED Deep Red 79 47.24"H X 70.87"W $605.00
83846-BLUE Light Blue 104 47.24"H X 94.49"W $770.00
83846-GREEN Lime Green 104 47.24"H X 94.49"W $770.00
83846-RED Deep Red 104 47.24"H X 94.49"W $770.00
572 Optional Glass Accessory Tray 2 1"H X 12"W X 4"D $43.07