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Product Quantity

Product Swatches

Online previews for our product swatches can be downloaded through this page. Although we make every effort to provide accurate information on this page, some colors may be slightly different between these images and the physical product. For exact details on availability and physical swatches, please contact your MooreCo salesperson.

Soft Seating


Please refer to the Momentum 5 Clicks website for swatches of fabric/textile options.

Soft Seating Laminates

HPL QuickShip Collection

HPL Standard Q5 Collection
HPL Standard Q10 Collection
HPL Trending 2017 Q10 Collection

Starting in 2017, MooreCo is offering a limited selection of trending HPL colors to ship within 10 days for a limited time. As this selection rotates, the previous options will still be available, but at longer lead times. Contact your sales representative for more information!

Colored Cork Collection

Custom Colored Cork Collection

Colors available for custom orders only. MOQ, lead times,and customization fees may apply. Call for details.

Standard Vinyl Collection

Porcelain Steel Collection

Rubber Collection

Red, green, and multi-color available while supplies last.

Standard Fabric Collection

Pebbles Vinyl Collection

Splash-Cork Collection

Hook & Loop Collection